c  o  n  t  e  m  p  o  r  a  r  y     m  u  s  i  c     c  o  m  p  o  s  e  r


The Patron's opus numbers count over 200 works in catalogue, written for all type of instruments and performer's virtuosity:
from symphonic orchestras, to standard orchestras, ensembles, soloists, electronics, vocal groups, experiments devices.

The Patron's Catalogue is signed with the capital "P" letter before the number of the opus (i.e. Opus P.190)

Every work not listed here is "FC" i.e. (Fuori Catalogo) Extra Catalogue, this means that are
juvenile works or are works not recognized by the Author as Aporetic works, or are works realized in
collaboration with other persons, authors or/for similar matters.

The Catalogue list is based on the official published version
as realized by prof. Lucius R. Weathersby, Ph.D. for the University of Cincinnati (USA, OH, 2002)

Several works are available from leading publishers and editors, worldwide sold on known portals like Amazon and others.
Audio recordings are constantly produced and performed by international concert artists.

If You would like to assign or ask for a music commission to Alberto Patron
for Your Orchestra, Ensemble or soloist needs, feel free to write to our contacts.


  • I Period 1977 ~ 1988:
    first works, unpublished, great raw ideas and young draws, still Private Archive

  • II Period 1989 ~ 1997:
    innovative ideas and projects, this period is called "utopia period", main roots
    of Aporetic Philosophy, works published and unpublished, start public performances
    of the works, some works in Private Archive

  • III Period 1997 ~ 2004:
    works on commission, as requests by different private or public bodies,
    enhancing and developing of some young great ideas, fixing and clarifying
    some II Period works, some commercial works, works
    published and unpublished, some works in Private Archive

  • IV Period 2005 ~ today:
    advanced musical expression research, awarded compositions, development of the
    Aporetic thought and other connected projects,
    covers also works on commission, works published and
    unpublished, some works in Private Archive

    Invited at the italian event: "Festa Nazionale della Musica" (1994 - 2022)

    Some of the bodies Alberto Patron collaborated with:

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