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Toblac International Concert Hall, A.Patron conducts the rehersals with the Austrian Big Jazz Orchestra

Collaboration are ever welcome with high professional, institutions and musicians.

B.M., B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
He completed his studies at the Italian Conservatories: "Benedetto Marcello" of Venice, "Venezze" of Rovigo in Composition, "Cesare Pollini" of Padua and at the Universities of Padua and Trieste (Italy). He attended several international Accademies under the teachers: Noël Lee, Dag Achatz (pupil of L.Bernstein), U.Battel, Akiko Ebi, Walter Norris, François Weigel, Pierre Pontier, Jean Louis Haguenauer, G.Lovato, Giovanni Bonato, C. De Pirro, G.Pressato, S.Chiereghin, F.Castaldi, P.Revoltella, F.Rossi, Giovanni A.Vanzin, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Francesco Finotti, and others.
He had professional meetings, teaching and work experiences with the most important world artist (from E.Morricone to J.Philippe Collard). His compositions are recorded, published and performed in Festivals, Competitions and International contests, as well as Concert Seasons, Musicals, around the world, radio and television broadcasted worldwide. He is the founder of the Aporetic Thought (France, 1990), a contemporary Philosophy from which comes also the Aporetic Music (contemporary composition trend). He is dean Organist of the Archipriest Church of Saint George in Pordenone city (Italy) since 1987.

He holds and has held lectures, masterclasses and workshops in USA and Europe. Committee Director of the Italian Federation of Composers, he covered the roles of Vice President of the International Music Association "Vincenzo Colombo" of Pordenone (Italy), and Vice-president of the International Society of Art & Research "Palmas International" (USA), as well as Art Director of several companies and organizations.

He taught and still teach as Professor at several level institutions (High School, Music Conservatory, University) from New Orleans (La, USA) to Venice (Italy), and is Committee member at various performing competitions, as well as Chief for several professional associations.
His name is listed at the AMIC, CIDIM, PAYE, MOD, EICC artist catalogues.
He is also promoter of the Awareness of Italian Culture & Heritage worldwide, and cooperate with the best academic institutions to develope cultural and research opportunities, sharing best missions through excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, infuse globalization into students curricula, as well as laying the foundation for a healthy academic cultural economy. He was invited as international panel expert by the State of Louisiana after the Katrina hurricane to develope new cultural and economic opportunities for New Orleans.
His music works was object of University Thesis, PDE & Ph.D. essays, as well as conferences, studies and research. His work and life was subject of Academic Study at the II World Conference of Art & Humanities of Honolulu (Hawaii), 2004.
Some of his musical works and books are available at AMAZON and other online portals, as well as are catalogued at Public Administrations, national and international Libraries both public and private.

In other artistic fields he also collaborates with multinational companies like Getty Images, Fotolia, Diimex, iStock and other Agencies.

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the Pagano Editor: "Encyclopedia of International Artists", lastest edition.
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Studies and Research focused on works and life of Alberto Patron

Mixed List of some of his artistic awards
NEW YORK Composer's Award - IBLA Foundation - USA - 2016
"I luoghi del cuore" Messaggero Veneto - 2011
IL PAESE E LE SUE FORZE ARMATE - Ministero della Difesa (Italian Ministry of defence), Rome (Italy) (2009)
SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Architectural Field. Cannes (France) (2009)
SIEMENS DIRECTOR'S CUT - Frankfurt (Germany) (2004)
NOKIA COMPETITION - Milan (Italy) (2004)
SOUNDWORK 97 - Milan (Italy)(1997), Synthetizer Programming, Sound and Sample Design
SOUNDWORK 95 - Milan (Italy) (1995), Synthetizer Programming, Sound and Sample Design
SOUNDWORK 94 - Milan (Italy) (1994), Synthetizer Programming, Sound and Sample Design

2009 | Town square XX Settembre, Pordenone, Italy
2009 | Town Council Hall, Pordenone, Italy

2013 | Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Armando Pizzinato Viale Dante, 33 Pordenone (Italy)

Along with the partecipation of the Music Conservatory of Udine (Italy), which best piano artist has performed Alberto Patron contemporary music

The event was presented by several music association, professors, poets, researchers

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Organo Contemporano in Friuli Venezia Giulia - © Carrara Music Editions, CD
Carols for Christmas - © Carrara Music Editions, CD
L'Organo in Friuli - © Vincenzo Colombo Music Editions, CD
India - Futura Music Magazine, © Futura Publishing Editions, CD
Homage to Charlie Parker - © X-Club YAMAHA Music Editions, MC
Contemporary Music - © EurArte Music Editions, CD
Enciclopedia of Contemporary Composers - © Pagano Music Editions, CD
My Journey to the Aporetic Music - © Starmundi Music Editions, CD

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Alberto Patron with the Directors of the International Music Board Commission (New York, USA)
from the left: Director of the Columbia University,
Director of the New York University,
Chair of the Dillard University,
Prof. of the Penn State University

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