O f f i c i a l   W e b s i t e

c o n t e m p o r a r y   m u s i c   c o m p o s e r

Winner of the artistic Award of the Italian Ministry of Defence
(Ministero della Difesa Italiana)

Alberto Patron,  2005 T.F.

At the International Gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art "Armando Pizzinato"
of Pordenone (Viale Dante, 33 Pordenone, Italy) will be premiered some of the works of ALBERTO PATRON.

You can see a permanet photo exhibition of some works of Alberto Patron
at the Major Palace of the town of Pordenone.

For any informations You can call the Governor office of the town of Pordenone
or the Cultural Office of the Major of Pordenone.

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