The Official Music Catalogue

All the works have took down as its chronological writing.
We remember you that the Patron's Catalogue is signed with the "P" letter.
Every work not listed here is "FC" i.e. (Fuori Catalogo) Extra Catalogue, this means that are juvenile works or are works not recognized by the Author as Aporetic works, or are works realized in collaboration with other persons, authors or/for similar matters. For every misnumberation writed on the scores or in other printed Catalogues around the world, will faith only this unique Official Approved Catalogue.

We remember the first printed version of this catalogue
was realized by prof.dr. L.R.Weathersby (New Orleans - USA, 2002)


  • I Period 1977 ~ 1988:
    first works, unpublished, great raw ideas and young draws, still Private Archive

  • II Period 1989 ~ 1997:
    innovative ideas and projects, this period is called "utopia period", main roots of Aporetic Philosophy, works published and unpublished, start public performances of the works, some works in Private Archive

  • III Period 1997 ~ 2004:
    works on requests, enhancing and developing of some young great ideas, fixing and clarifying some II Period works, works published and unpublished, some works in Private Archive

  • IV Period 2005 ~ today:
    advanced musical expression research, awarded compositions, born of the huge Aporetic World Foundation project, works published and unpublished, some works in Private Archive

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    All P. number works of this Catalogue are stored
    at the archives of the Italian Society of Authors ( SIAE), Rome (Italy)